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Check back with us as we continue to answer our most frequently asked questions to learn more about what to expect from our University Package.

  • Do I really need a guardian to attend university in the UK?
    Most universities in the UK require international students to have a guardian if they are aged under 18 years. Each university will have its own requirements so to be sure, you should check the specific requirements with your university. You can also contact us if you are not sure about specific requirements of the university.
  • When do I need to apply for guardianship for university?
    When you will need to apply for guardianship depends on the university. Some universities, such as University College London (UCL), require students to have a guardian at the point of enrollment while others may require students to have a guardian at the start of the term after confirmation of place.
  • If I turn 18 years old during my first year at university, how do I calculate my University Package fee?
    Our flexible package option allows students to only pay for the months of guardianship required. For example, if a student’s 18th birthday is on January 15, 2023, the fees will be calculated on a pro rata basis, and if the guardianship package starts in September 2022, the package fee charged will be only for 5 months of guardianship (September to January).
  • How will the university know I have a guardian?
    After students submit the guardianship details to the university, Belgravia will verify and confirm directly with the university that we are the student’s guardian.
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