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Host families are at the core of everything we do here at Belgravia Guardians. They provide the feeling of home for those that are thousands of miles from their own family, and they offer a safe and secure environment for our students during their time away from school. They are the soul of what we do.


Host families open their doors to students, usually over ‘exeat’ weekends, and half terms, with some students opting for a few days over Christmas, Easter or Summer holidays as well. 



We try to link children with families that are as close to their own hobbies, interests and lifestyles as possible. We want our children to look forward to their weekends with their host family, as if they are going to their own home for the weekend.

Every home is visited personally and checked to guarantee the quality of the home meets our expectations, and that all safety certificates are in place. On top of the criminal records checks that we do, we make sure that every host family provides the following, so meet our standards:

  • A pick up at School or a warm welcome at home, meeting the taxi on arrival.

  • Bed linens and fresh towels every visit

  • Clean and tidy communal areas, including kitchen and bathrooms

  • A clean and comfortable room, with natural light, a desk, a wardrobe/drawers, a bed and a bed side table with lamp for evening reading. 

  • Three meals a day, plus snacks, tea, or squash readily available. 

  • A maximum of two guests per room and four guest in the whole house, subject to size and space

  • Regular access to the bathroom as per a member of the family

  • Access to Wifi within the home


  • DBS checks for all members of the household over 16 years of age

  • An image of your current GasSafe certificate

  • Images of all drivers' licenses and car insurance

  • A photo of your family, including pets if possible

  • Photos of the rooms that you have available, as well as bathrooms, kitchen, dining room and garden

If you don't have any of the above, you can still apply, and we can start your application while you apply for DBS or a GasSafe certificate. 

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