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Belgravia is a small and caring guardianship company that supports international students studying in the UK. Its founder Caroline Drewett has had international students in her home since she was three years old when her mother, Clare Heaton, hosted students regularly. Clare was a host for over 30 years, with students ranging from Spain and Italy to Korea and Japan and inspired Caroline to found Belgravia Guardians.


Belgravia is rooted in its exceptional care in sending children abroad, and its history is a testament to the dedication shown to each and every child under its care.

In 2021, after a short battle with cancer, Clare passed away, but she leaves behind a huge legacy. She created a warm and loving home for all of her students, and she created a welcoming environment for all international students, in which they could be themselves and thrive. Her kind character remains at the heart of Belgravia and all that we do to ensure that each student feels supported and well looked after. 


Belgravia Guardians, named after the area in which Caroline and her family have their home in London, is a close and friendly community with offices in both Hong Kong and the UK. Having lived and worked in Hong Kong for a number of years now, Caroline, her husband and three children, love the culture of Asia. She also has a unique experience of living within a boarding school environment, and especially of the pastoral support that all students require. 


Caroline understands the challenges that families can face when sending their child overseas to study. Her experience permeates through the fibres of Belgravia’s mission, and each member of staff is imbued with the same passion for education and pastoral care. Caroline works closely with her staff in Hong Kong and the UK to share knowledge, best practice and coordinate effectively between schools, host families and parents. We aim to provide a truly personalised and boutique service.

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At Belgravia, we are proud of our long and trusted history of caring for children and young adults studying away from home.


Belgravia has evolved over many years and has transcended generations to bring the best of both our founders’ expertise to ensure that every child experiences only the highest standards of care.

Caroline Drewett has over 10 years experience with residential and pastoral care

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