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Belgravia continuously strives to improve our services so that we always provide the best support to our students, their families, hosts and schools. 

We are committed to training our staff with regular professional development courses, and in-house staff training. This ensures that, as new procedures and regulations come into effect, we are always well prepared to adapt. Child safeguarding and safer recruitment are at the forefront of everything we do and our company policies are scrutinised to ensure that we are up to date, that is why Belgravia has been awarded accreditation from the Boarding Schools' Association (BSA) and Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students (AEGIS), so you know that your children will always receive the highest quality of care for as long as you stay with us.

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We are pleased to announce that we have been accepted as a part of the newly launched BSA Certified Guardian Scheme. This was awarded by the BSA in recognition of Belgravia's excellence and attainment of the highest standards of safeguarding for children, safe recruitment, and excellent communication with parents and schools. 

This accreditation assures BSA boarding schools that they are working with one of the best educational guardianships. 

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Belgravia has taken decisive action to support our students and their families during the Covid-19 pandemic. We have provided students with personal protective equipment for their flights, help parents arrange emergency flights, as well as provide a continuous communication link between schools and families.

We have pledged our ongoing support by accepting the BSA Covid Safe Charter which means that we agree to comply with all government rules and guidance and we will meet all requirements when students return to the UK. 

You can read the BSA Covid Safe Charter here.

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We are delighted to receive full accreditation to a Gold Standard with AEGIS, the independent accrediting body for UK guardianship organisations.

AEGIS work closely with Schools, Guardianship Organisations, Parents & Agents, to ensure students receive the “very highest standards of care”. We are consequently very proud to be accredited to their highest standard. 

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