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We work hard to ensure that each student is fully prepared to start school. To assist with preparation, we are committed to providing pre-departure guides that will be displayed on this page before the start of term. This page will also be updated with information relevant to students and parents who may not be familiar with the differences between their home country and the UK. Sign up with us to receive the latest pre-departure information and the most pertinent and up to date advice and support. 

Belgravia's Founder and Managing Director, Caroline Drewett, discusses some of the key topics surrounding education in the UK. 


1:18 - What is guardianship?

3:08 - Home and Hosts in the UK

7:45 - What can Belgravia offer you?

9:10 - Visas and Healthcare

14:05 - Quarantining and Chaperone Services

17:20 - Safety in the UK

19:07 - School Uniform

20:25 - Racism

*Note - this is designed to give a flavour of what to expect. Contact us for the most up to date information and webinars/information briefings.



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