With a dedicated team in Hong Kong as well as the UK, we are the link that makes your child's educational journey easy to navigate and gives you peace of mind while they are studying abroad. 


Both our Hong Kong and UK teams have rich and varied experience in education and pastoral care, to guarantee that everything is done with our students' best interests at the core.

"The efforts in helping my children to maintain their well-being at this critical time is laudable." - Mrs Kwan


Our Hong Kong office is in the heart of Causeway Bay. Conveniently located, parents can arrange an appointment or drop in any time they need. We thoroughly enjoy catching up with parents, and we love to meet new families too. Our team works night and day to ensure that all students are cared for from the moment they embark on their journey, to the time they arrive home. There is always someone at the end of a phone, and we always welcome a call, message or update to hear about how not just the student but how the whole family is getting on. 

Caroline has over a decade of experience in education, from teaching, to running summer camps and holiday courses. She currently lives in a boarding school where her husband is a Housemaster. She has a degree from the University of Nottingham and an MSc from King's College London, so Caroline understands the importance of an high-level education. She ensures that student wellbeing and rich learning experiences are at the core of Belgravia. Caroline speaks English and Spanish.

Chloe Wong

Customer Relations Executive

Chloe graduated with a degree in communications from the University of California. Chloe regularly utilises her experience in customer service, having previously worked with Tesla, and in her role as a tutor, to provide our students and their families with the highest quality care. She is always at hand to make sure that every person that we work with feels valued. Chloe speaks English, Cantonese and Mandarin.


Xin Lau

Finance and Administration Assistant

Xin graduated with a bachelor's degree in Marketing from California Polytechnic State University. She gathered a plethora of experience while working as an intern in the US and in Malaysia for two years, this brings invaluable insight to overcoming the challenges that students face when living in other countries. Xin also speaks English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Malay.

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Caroline Drewett

Managing Director and Founder

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Belgravia combines global education with local relationships. Our UK team is spread around the country to ensure that every area is connected and that we are in close proximity to our schools and host families. Our Area Parents are always on call to assist each student throughout the year. 

An Area Parent is a bridge between the student, the parent, and head office, to make sure that communication is always quick and efficient, and that each child is cared for with the highest standards. An Area Parent may visit a school for a whole range of reasons, perhaps to attend parents evening, a formal school occasion, or simply just to visit a student and check on their personal wellbeing to ensure that all of their needs are being met.

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Cora Bayley Douglas

Director of International Operations

Cora is a long-standing member of the team and has worked in education for over 9 years. Her vast experience as a Course Manager at Belgravia's sister company is accompanied by a record of providing the highest standard of care for all children. Cora oversees safeguarding, and ensures that all hosts are checked to the highest standards, in line with AEGIS and the BSA regulations. Having grown up in Spain, Cora understands the support needed for students studying in a new setting. She speaks both English and Spanish fluently.

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Christopher Hignett

Head of Pastoral Care

Chris is a fully qualified Primary School Teacher and has spent time teaching in the UK, China, and Japan. He joined the team in early 2020 and has previously acted as Director of Sports and Activities at several international summer camps. Chris is passionate about sports and is a keen learner of Mandarin Chinese. 

Clare Heaton

Clare Heaton

Lead Guardian

Clare has been hosting students for over 30 years and has looked after people from all over the world, including those from South Korea, Japan, Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, and many more. She understands the challenges that students can have while away from home and knows how to support students, so they can get the most out of their studies.  

Clare Heaton leads the team of UK host families, whilst her daughter Caroline oversees the office in Hong Kong. Their strong values and caring ethos are present throughout the company at every level. 


Whether it's seeking advice, signing important documents, organising a birthday treat or outing, or simply coming in for a conversation and a cup of tea to chat about how your child is doing, we are on hand to answer any questions you have.