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St Swithun's School Guardianship

St Swithun's School Guardianship Services

St Swithun's School Guardianship

Welcome to our guardianship services. With over 30 years experience in working with families and schools from across the UK, you are in expert and trusted hands. We look after international students while they are away from home, and provide a 'family in the UK' to ensure that they feel safe and secure during school exeats, half terms, and other holidays. With a dedicated team in Hong Kong, as well as a network of staff around the UK, you can know that we will always have the best interests of your child in everything we do.

Belgravia offers guardianship to pupils at boarding schools across the UK and this includes those at St Swithun's School (the guardianship relationship is between Belgravia and the overseas parents and pupil, not Belgravia and the School). Click here to sign up:

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