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Welcome to our guardianship services at Harrow School. With over 30 years experience in working with families and schools from across the UK, you are in expert and trusted hands. We look after international students while they are away from home, and provide a 'family in the UK' to ensure that they feel safe and secure during school exeats, half terms, and other holidays. With a dedicated team in Hong Kong, as well as a network of staff around the UK, you can know that we will always have the best interests of your child in everything we do.

Harrow School Guardianship

Belgravia combines global education with local relationships. Our UK team is closely connected with your school, and provides a link with our host families. Our Area Parents are experts in what they do - always on call to assist each student throughout the year. 

An Area Parent is a bridge between the student, the parent, and head office, to make sure that communication is always quick and efficient, and that each child is cared for with the highest standards. An Area Parent may visit a school for a whole range of reasons, perhaps to attend parents evening, a formal school occasion, or simply just to visit a student and check on their personal wellbeing to ensure that all of their needs are being met.


Belgravia offers a high quality guardianship programme at over 200 UK schools, colleges and universities across the UK in most schools and regions. Acting in Loco Parentis for your child, Belgravia can do as much or as little as you would like. Almost all schools require their non-UK based students to have a guardianship company on board, even if there are close family living nearby. We liaise with the school to provide pastoral support and the right package for your needs.

Many of our families prefer us to help with more than just the legalities of studying abroad, for example with the practicalities and logistics. This could be anything from ordering amenities for your child's arrival, to meeting them at the airport when they land in the UK, to helping them buy school uniform or sports equipment. 

If you aren't sure what to go for, please just speak to a member of our Hong Kong team and we will be able to assist you and explain what's included in each package. 

"Belgravia Guardians take a very personal approach. They are in regular contact with us at school and the family at home to always make sure everyone is happy. Communication goes freely in both directions and they take a real interest in how the students are getting on. Their care and attention to detail means nothing is missed, helping to provide excellent pastoral care not just during term time, but in the holidays too." 

Dr Matt Smith, Housemaster, Wycliffe College


Contact us to find out which of our guardianship packages would best suit you and your child. 

We have three options, ranging from Essential, through Signature to Premium. 

Every student is unique, and every situation is different, so we have options to suit everyone. 

Our Host Families are welcoming and experienced. Many have hosted international students for years, and they are always excited to meet new faces. They are committed to safeguarding your child and they provide safe and secure accommodation during planned and unexpected events. 

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