Important message regarding Coronavirus from our Managing Director:


Dear Parents,

I am writing to update you on the recent spread of coronavirus and its impact on students currently studying in the UK. I am outlining our policies and measures below to ensure that the safety of each student is at the forefront of everything that we are doing at Belgravia,


We can confirm that almost every school has requested that all children from China or Hong Kong remain in the UK over February half term, resulting in almost all of our students cancelling flights back home. Many are now also suggesting that parents should not fly over, to reduce the potential spread of the virus to their children. If parents do fly over and meet their children for half term, some schools will ask that students are in quarantine for 14 days, to guarantee that they have not caught anything from their parents.


This will be an unsettling time for students, many of whom will have been looking forward to seeing their parents and families for half term, and as such, we are adding extra layers of communication to make sure that each student feels sufficiently supported. For students from Wuhan itself, we are making extra visits to the school, as they are likely to feel a heightened sense of concern for their family and friends back home, now that the city is on lockdown.


With an increase in students staying in the UK this half term, we are calling on all our hosts throughout the country to be able to welcome in students, This might mean that last-minute stays will result in two students sharing a room, or for some students, they might need to travel slightly further than hoped, for the 10-day half term break. However, we can confirm that we have enough hosts for every single student, should they wish to stay in the UK for February half term. The earlier you inform us of a change in plan, the more likely you are to get your preferred host in your preferred location.


For those students who are choosing to return home to Hong Kong or China for half term, we do have hosts that will accept students needing quarantine, but only a limited number. We are aware that a number of other guardian companies are not accepting any students that need quarantine, even those whose schools will also not accept them until the 14 day period has passed, os they risk being left in limbo. If you are a parent of a child in need and your guardian is not supporting your child, please contact AEGIS, the accrediting body for guardianship, or reach out to our team as we might be able to provide a host to quarantine your child for 14 days.


As ever, if you have absolutely any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me, or my wonderful team, via phone, email, Whatsapp or WeChat. We are here to support you and your child at this difficult time.



Caroline Drewett

Managing Director